The Easy Way to Organic Cooking by Daniel Edlund.
My e-book "The EASY Way to Organic Cooking" offers you the tools, tips, ideas and recipes to get you on your way toward a healthy, happy, and energetic You...
Here you will find 250 recipes, shopping advice, and solutions to a balanced lifestyle by showing you:
  • How to make it simple in the kitchen
  • How to plan ahead in order to make good daily food choices
  • How to incorporate exercise and movement
  • How to choose Organic vs. Non-Organic foods
  • How to create healthy appetizers and starters
  • How to make your own chemical-free condiments
  • How to create a powerful breakfast
  • How to enjoy healthy desserts
  • How to entice the children to healthy and delicious meals at an early age
Make the right decision, commit, follow my advice and change your life today!